Monday, 16 February 2009

White Album - Episode 7

Spread yourself too thinly, and keep on telling little white lies (or, more to the point, don't tell people things they should know) and it's bound to catch up with you in the end. Thus is the lesson that Touya is, perhaps ever so slightly, beginning to learn in this episode of White Album.

After doing so much to help Misaki in the last instalment, we see Touya going to even greater lengths here, arranging for her to stay with his father so that she can work on the costumes she needs, with Touya of course helping as much as possible. His time spent with Misaki is later confused by Rina as him cheating on Yuki, which is something that he seems to fail to convince her about - and who can blame her for not trusting him? In turn, Rina leaves Misaki angry with Touya as he goes running off after Rina and leaving her to pay for dinner... Our protagonist really is a lost little lamb in the midst of all these girls isn't he?

Away from what is arguably the real crux of this episode, Yuki finally gets her first single recorded, and gets a literal kicking from some other idols in response, Haruka seems to be having some kind of breakdown, and Mana Mizuki is rather predictably unveiled as the girl Touya has to tutor as he desperately tries to earn some money.

After not seeing much of her last episode, Rina's reappearance boosts my levels of interest in this episode substantially - Although she still seems to be pulling out the stops to help Yuki (in particular helping her find what it takes to get her single recorded), my money is still on her having some sort of ulterior motive that will be to her own benefit above anyone elses, and I similarly still believe that she's intent upon dragging Touya in on this into the bargain. I realise I have less and less evidence to back this train of thought up every episode but hey, a gut instinct is a gut instinct, and I simply don't trust Rina.

That aside, I felt that this episode trivialised the rift between Touya and his father somewhat, making what I assume is supposed to be a pretty huge rift between them seem far more playful and trivial than I believe was intended. I also continue to be a tad surprised by Misaki's actions too, given that she knows Touya is with Yuki but still seems intent upon stealing him for some reason. Still, I suppose the fact that I care about all this stuff is proof positive that White Album is doing its job at keeping me engaged with the series, and although it's no classic I still find myself looking forward to the latest developments each week.


Mentar said...

If I was Rina, I'd begin to feel persecuted ^_^;

What did she do to warrant your suspicion?

felicity said...

I'm glad you said something about the manner in which they glossed over Touya's problems with his dad - WTF was that? Ugh, this show...

dingmajiao said...

for me.. i thought this episode was much more enjoyable after the past few...

love to see the explosion of the harem they built up for weeks.. they definitely build them up nicer for this week...

i dunno if its only me.. but i liked what they did in this episode.

Tomopyon said...

With Haruka's breakdown, we're approaching School Days territory at full speed ahead!! lol. I bet we'll get an ending like "Haruka can't stand the loneliness and when she encounters Yuki, she starts an argument about who deserves Fujii (our loser main character). Since Yuki's so stressed with the crappy treatment the other idols give her, she stabs Haruka in the neck with a knife she was using to cut a cake at her new album's release party. Rina-chan discovers Haruka's dead body on the floor of the recording studio, and completely breaks down.
Fade to black, when Fujii sees she left 99+ phone messages on his phone that are like "Save me..." "Fujii-kun, where are you?" and it just so happens he was with Misaki at the time. So he leaves Misaki and goes to find Rina, and since she's so messed up at the time (having seen the bloody remains of Haruka) that he hugs her to calm her down. Unluckily for them, Yuki-chan sees Fujii and thinks that he's hitting on Rina/they're in a relationship. So she tries to kill Rina, too, and gets her in the stomach before Rina pulls out a tazer and Yuki's knocked out. Fujii sits beside the dying Rina and hears her last words: a confession of love (in song form).
After she's dead, Fujii runs away from the recording studio, and Rina's brother is the first to discover the body. Because he knows that Yuki will be a top selling artist, he covers the murder up with his A+ producer influence. Unfortunately, Misaki thinks that Fujii is leaving her for Yuki (even though he left for Rina) and smothers Yuki with a hospital pillow, then jumps off the hospital roof.
When Fujii is at Mana's house, waiting for her to get ready for the tutoring session, he gets a call from Akira about the deaths of Misaki and murder of Yuki. He's so stunned that he's at a loss with what to do, when he hears a certain music playing on the TV: Yuki's new CD release, "White Album". As the theme music plays in the background, Touya picks up a kitchen knife and stabs himself multiple times. Mana enters the kitchen only to discover a bloody mass that used to be Fujii, on the floor as the show's theme music plays... But on the bright side, she went to school + college every single day since she was too scared to be alone, because what if Fujii's spirit was blaming her for not helping him find Yuki on the day they first met...?

dingmajiao said...

lol.. amazing story...

but probably not going that way..

i've said it in some other places.. that if white album's gonna go and do a sch day, i'll kill myself.. since i so anticipated this anime when it was first announced..

but i agree with u on many part..
misaki seems to be clinging on to a false hope that fuji's gonna like her.. same with the ulterior motive that i think rina have but evidences keep proving otherwise..

i think haruka just treat fuji as his brother.. and as long as fuji cares about her, she's happy..
mana, i dunno about her.. LOL.. but i'm sure she'll develop a liking to fuji given how she kicked the rest of the tutors out and how so COINCIDENTALLY fuji the harem guy turns out to be his tutor..
then shinozuka will probably still try to rape fuji and get him away from yuki..

and then somehow the anime series would want to do, they'll wrap up every side story and fuji will end up with yuki again..

or even an akane(given that many thought that junichi was gonna end up with yuuhi), with fuji ending up with rina, mana, haruka, misaki or the other harems..