Monday, 23 February 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 7

After safely navigating the danger of the last episode, it seems that Keita and Kuro now have a clear path ahead of them to Okinawa... or do they?

Of course not, this is Kurokami! By the time Akane drives them to the airport, they soon running into (almost literally) another Mototsumitama and his contractee, who have got themselves into a spot of bother with some Triabal Ends. It turns out that Kuro and this newcomer, Yakumo, knows Kuro, revealing that she is in fact a princess no less back in her homeland. So, we're finally offered up the story of Kuro's past and origins, as well as those of her brother and why she has now vowed to kill him, although we still don't know exactly what drove him to do what he did in the first place.

There's still time (amidst another episode of Keita sulking and brooding over his fate) for another rinse and repeat battle, with one of Reishin's subordinates Hiyou (he of the crazy experiments) taking on Kuro and then Yakumo before deciding to leave without finishing his fight (a common occurence in this series, it seems).

If there's one positive to be had from this episode, it's seeing Keita get punched in the face a few times, which to be quite honest serves the annoying, whiny little kid right. His near-scizophrenic mood swings from nice guy to brooding Morrissey "Heaven knows I'm miserable now" wannabe have been annoying me more and more by the episode, and a good blow to the head seems like the best possible cure I can think of. That aside, the fighting side of the series is already beginning to feel a little tired (not a good sign just seven episodes in), although at least Yakumo's appearance might add a little more frisson to the proceedings - It certainly helped to prevent this instalment of Kurokami from being entirely a dead loss.

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anime2kuk said...

"If there's one positive to be had from this episode, it's seeing Keita get punched in the face a few times..."

I literally fell off my chair after reading that! Couldn't agree more. :D