Sunday, 22 February 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 6

Somehow, I've managed to get a little bit behind with my watching of Kurokami - It isn't that I've been avoiding it, honest.

Having said that, I could probably have guessed the contents of this episode from what has gone on in previous episodes, as the core of this instalment is more or less a rinse and repeat job - Keita carelessly wanders off and leaves Kuro at home, Keita gets beaten up and kidnapped, Kuro goes to rescue him, Keita has a few violent mood swings before deciding to help Kuro, Kuro snatches victory (or at least survival) from the jaws of defeat. Tune in next episode, where exactly the same thing happens. Again.

To be fair, there's a little more to this episode than that - We do get at least a small hint as to why half of the city is underwater, and more importantly we learn that Keita is neither a root nor a master root, but simply a substitute (cue the relevant song by The Who here). This has a huge impact over his contract with Kuro, as it basically means her fighting and using his Tera will cause him to age and die more quickly than normal. Mind you, seeing as he's a substitute his only alternative was to die quicker than usual anyway... The poor kid doesn't get many good breaks, does he? I almost don't blame him for being a sulky, moody idiot most of the time.

But, despite those points of interest, it was a bit difficult to get too drawn into this episode thanks to so much of it very much having a "seen it all before" feeling - The fight sequences just don't seem cool any more, becoming utterly predictable, Keita is really starting to get on my nerves and... well, there's not a lot else to talk about beyond that. In all honesty I probably should drop this series, but the completist in me will no doubt soldier on to the bitter end.

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