Wednesday, 30 July 2008

World Destruction - Episode 4

So, World Destruction continues on its merry, and really rather generic way. Episode four brings us to Springland which isn't, as you might hope, a land full of things on springs, but rather a land of permanent Spring.

Thus, this episode brings us a whole story based around a tree. Yes, a tree, but one with a supposed curse for anyone who should break a branch off of it. Of course, our trio of heroes (or should that be anti-heroes) that make up the World Destruction Committee soon managed to do exactly that, and so begins a tale of ghosts, curses and rumour, with yet another escape from the World Salvation Committee thrown in for good measure.

Really, there isn't a lot to say about this episode, being as it is yet another tired offering from this series doesn't really bring us anything in the way of either character development or excitement - It just meanders along from start to finish without telling us anything new, to the point you could almost label it filler if you didn't get that sinking sensation that pretty much the whole series is going to be like this anyway. There are worse ways to spend twenty-five minutes, but then again I can think of plenty of better things to do that watch an episode of anime based around a blossoming tree. Having said that, this series does at least put in a contender for best opening song of any show this season, so I suppose there is at least some semblance of a reason to watch it.

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