Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 15

A very ordinary fourteenth episode of Allison to Lillia left us with plenty of questions, and the fifteenth instalment is now already here, thus allowing me to answer the most important point of all: Yes, Ker Benedict's facial hair has become more ridiculous since the last episode.

Anyhow, despite Will/Travas telling Allison that under no circumstances could he let Lillia board a plane last episode, he somehow completely fails to make an appearance this time around to save his daughter, thus once again proving that he is, quite simply, completely useless. You'd have thought a secret agent would have some cunning tricks up his sleeve, but obviously not.

Anyhow, during their sightseeing flight over Lartika, Lillia and Treize's pilot decides to make an unscheduled stop to check on another pilot who appears to be stranded in the lake. For no apparant reason, said man takes the pilot hostage, leaving Lillia and Treize no choice but to rescue their new friend. Oh, sorry, I forgot - This is Allison to Lillia, we have no need for minor characters here, so Lillia and Treize instead decide to leave him alone with an armed man and steal his plane. Their parents would be proud.

It isn't long before the couple find themselves being chased and shot at by other aircraft, and they end up having to make a forced landing before their plane is blown to pieces. "Why did they blow up the plane?", asks Lillia later. Hmmm.... Why do people normally shoot at other people? "So that we don't have any transport" was Treize's answer, missing the incredibly obvious point that they were trying to kill you, you morons. Ahem.

Thus begins a long walk for the duo, although thankfully they find an empty house to sleep in. This happens to be owned by a very nice man, who helps them on their way back to Lartika by letting them borrow his car. Yes, that's right folks - He let a fifteen and sixteen year-old borrow and drive his car. Considering the pilot earlier also let Lillia fly his plane, I can't help but feel that the under-aged driving laws are a little lax in this country. It's also worth noting that nobody stopped to ask how this kind man was supposed to get back to town himself from the middle of nowhere without a car - I guess that's another minor character left to die a slow and gruesome death.

So, the pair drive to another seaplane, which is about to host a charity flight for children, but not before they've been spotted by some people who, simply by their demeanour, scream out "We are bad people. Be afraid!". All of this is without an aside where we see that Fiona has basically told Treize to marry the girl of his dreams by the age of twenty or else - Another piece of great advice doubtless pruned from the chronicle of knowledge that is "Major Stork's Guide to Parenting" (now in paperback, with foreward by Wilhelm Schultz).

Altogether then, this was another rather dull and predictable episode, with a smattering of that unique brand of Allison to Lillia silliness thrown in for good measure. Ironically, I wouldn't have it any other way - Let's face it, how else would I amuse myself without being able to write entries like this?


Ez said...

Kids these days, there I was wondering how that old man was going to get home. xD

Kadian1364 said...

"Their parents would be proud."

Indeed. XD

I got a bigger kick out of reading your bloggings about A&L than actually watching the first 7 eps, when I dropped the show.

I'm nearly tempted to pick it up again, just to get the Funny, like why I continue to watch Code Geass.