Sunday, 27 July 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Episode 16

After episode fifteen of Code Geass R2 turned out to be rather confusing to anyone who hasn't succeeded in imbibing every last little piece of information of the show, it's actually rather a relief to see a return to more normal fare this time around.

Well, when I say normal, the episode begins with further evidence that C.C. has reverted to being a mere slave girl (albeit an unbelievably cute one), and the Emperor of Brittania is nowhere to be found since his meeting with Lelouch in the last episode. This latter point calls for fast action from Zero, and this comes in the form of a treaty signed with numerous dissenting nations, to create the 'United Federation of Nations' - Not one of Lelouch's most creative moments when it comes to nomenclature I must say. Anyway, the treaty gets signed, the nations involved give up their military powers to entrust their security to the Order of the Black Knights, and their first decision is... To liberate Japan from Brittanian control. So things change, so they stay the same...

Of course, this main thread wich runs through the episode is only part of the story, as elsewhere we derive some great pleasure from watching Kallen beat up Suzaku, learn a slither more about Anya and her past, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I'll shut up about before I laden this entry with two many spoilers.

While anyone looking for some more mecha action will probably be disappointed, and the change in C.C. from smart partner in crime to mere servant is an odd one to get your head around (did I mention how unbearably cute she is like this?), this was an excellent episode of the highest degree to me. I found it hard to get too drawn in by the shenanigans of the past two episodes, but this return to the fight for freedom from Brittanian rule is much more my cup of tea, leaving me once again looking forward to what happens next, particular given the usual set of big fact cliff-hangers to tantalising us with until next week.

In other news, this (rather aptly, given my love for this series) makes for 'Blog entry number 250, so every reader who comments on this story wins an air pie with no pastry!

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Anonymous said...

Kallen's 7-hit combo on Suzaku was definately the highlight of the episode :D