Friday, 11 July 2008

Sekirei - Episode 2

Sekirei's opening episode pretty much set out the series' stall as one that wouldn't be breaking any new ground, but was regardless a relatively fun way to set out at least some of the major constructs of the story.

Having laid out those bare basics last time around, we found ourselves with a few little additions to that story dangled in front of us... However, this was given short shrift as episode two seemed far more pre-occupied with dangling large breasts aplenty in front of us instead. While the opening instalment of the Sekirei actually balanced the fan service and story progression reasonably well, it seems that this particular episode found itself going almost all-out down the "watch this, it has hot women!" path - Indeed, we even got a naked fight scene between two Sekirei in a bathroom to fill the action quota with fan service to boot.

To be honest, my brain has been so filled with the female form for the past twenty-five minutes that there really isn't much more I can say about this episode, mainly because there isn't anything more to say - Minato and Musabi literally fall at the doorstep of a new place to live after being kicked out of Minato's apartment last episode and move in; everything else here is largely either inconsequential or as yet unexplained.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I have nothing against fan service, but when it takes over an entire series to the exclusion of everything else then it really becomes rather pointless as it ranks as too tame for hentai and too dull and vacuous for anime. Thus, another episode like this one and Sekirei will be heading for my 'drop' list with all the gravity of a heaving, bouncing bosom.

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