Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Wagaya no Oinari-sama - Episode 10

It seems to have taken a while, but episode ten of Wagaya no Oinari-sama finally sees the whole Reverse Circle story come to an end... and, to be fair, it was a pretty entertaining one too.

Of course, the end of the last episode gave us a pretty big revelation in the form of two Mubyou's, so much of this episode is spent hinting to the viewer at the reason for this, before finally revealing all in the second half. There are probably plenty of points I could nit-pick about this episode, but the one that stands out seems to be that nobody ever really seems to care about what is done to them by others. No matter whether someone attempts to burn you for a crisp just to get their own way or otherwise, forgiveness and a happy ending is always around the corner, which at times can be a little too saccharine to take, and indeed this accusation could easily be levelled at the way this episode's second half played out.

However, maybe I'm just feeling generous because I can forgive that on this occasion on account of the episode actually being quite fun. Kou's drunkeness was worth the price of admission alone, and despite the occasionally overbearingly over-the-top emotions on display the various characters that played a part were all actually rather engaging, to make for what is probably one of the better episodes of this series so far.

I suppose the only way to sum up this particular episode is 'good, clean fun' - Provided a smidgen of Kou fan-service doesn't go against your idea of that of course. Not a classic, as befitting of this pretty average series, but there are far worse ways to while away half an hour.

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