Sunday, 27 July 2008

School Rumble San Gakki - Episode 25

I know that the response to news of a new School Rumble OVA have been rather mixed since its announcement, due to a lot of people's feeling that the second season of the anime came nowhere near living up to the abilities of the first. However, I have to say that I actually sit in the opposite camp in this particular debate - Although I'd be the first to admit the the second series of School Rumble was rather hit and miss, in its prime it proved to be absolutely hilarious and one of the funnier anime series I've had the pleasure of watching.

Anyway, this particular OVA enters us into a world of confusion - Why is it labelled episode 25 for starters? In short, this OVA is the final two episodes of School Rumble - 3rd Term, an anime which is now (sadly) never going to be produced. Thus, what we're left with is a 'recap' which takes us through everything that would have happened in that series (and has, I assume, happened in the manga that this OVA is sold with), which brings us up to speed for these final two episodes, which will be episode 25 and 26 respectively.

Obviously, this confusing timeline with a gaping hole in it is a pretty auspicious start for the OVA, and as someone who hasn't been keeping up with the manga at all the whole affair felt pretty marooned from the reality I remembered from the second series. Add in to that the rather poor animation and the distinct lack of humour, and all in all the whole thing left me cold. For me, School Rumble was, largely, all about being light-hearted and funny more than it was seeing any of the various relationships brought to a serious head (although of course I did have my favourites as doubtless anyone with a heartbeat does), and thus the almost serious tone of this episode didn't sit well with me at all. Any lighter moments were really just the usual case of Tsukamoto rambling rather than anything actually resembling comedy, which is hugely disappointing seeing as the series typically managed to roll out at least a few decent gags most episodes, or provide some situations that were far more watchable than what was served here.

So, we're left waiting for 'episode 26' to finish the whole thing off, but after this offering it's hard to generate much enthusiasm for it to be honest. If I wanted an attempt at a serious show dealing with relationships, I'd go back and watch True Tears again.


AstroNerdBoy said...

What actually happened with the TV series?

Hanners said...

All I know is that the expected Third Term series has apparently been scrapped, hence this sudden jump to the end of the story.

Ecchi421 said...

Are you sure the series was scrapped? Where did you read that, can I get a source please?

jarrad888 said...

I know, its so gay. At least they could start from the beginning.
I felt this "episode 25" was so rushed, Im really upset it was scrapped. When I heard season 3 was going to be released, i was heartbroken to hear its only 2 episodes, and it is only the last chapters of the season 3 manga.

but i do hope they can continue with the manga at least. and bring is to a conclusion who ends up with who, etc.

Anom said...

I like school rumble, it's funny because the main character is a little bit stupid but her sister is a genius and a lot of misunderstanding around them

Athrun Zala said...

I felt soooo sad they ended the anime that way, was it a lack of funds for this project or what ? that they used the same opening and ending of the first season for the 3rd one? honestly, I wanted to know how it all ends but at least in a logical manner meaning that I wanted 3rd term to be the last but I wanted that to know what events led to that ending.It is a shame that such a successful anime ends like that as if the the production studio management woke up in the morning and said:"we have to kill tenma, harima, karasuma, yakumo, eri etc..." :( screw them!!!! even if they decided in the future to re-do it, what is the point ?!