Friday, 18 July 2008

Sekirei - Episode 3 (Dropped)

Last time around, I gave Sekirei quite a dressing down (with every pun intended) on account of its gratuitous fan service. By around the half-way mark of episode three, I was wondering if I'd perhaps been a little harsh, as while there were still large breasts and tight clothing on show it wasn't quite at the same level as what had preceded it.

At least, that's what I was thinking until the various girls started using attacks that tore off one another's clothes. That's right, by the end of the episode we were left with a couple of topless girls, thanks to attacks designed not to kill or maim but instead to shred items of clothing, and thus managing to drag what had been at least an average episode into the gutter.

Aside from that, the introduction of so many competing individuals (with the object of their attentions the mysterious young 'Green Girl' we saw a bit of in episode two) has made this whole affair a little bit confusing to be honest, as I feel like I'm not sure exactly what's going on any more (aside from "More excuses to show female breasts" that is). It might be a little easier if the male characters stood out a little more rather than fitting into one of a handful of cliches, but then again when you're spending so much time drawing those aforementioned (and oft-mentioned when it comes to discussing this series) breasts I suppose there simply isn't going to be much time to draw any male characters in the series.

By this point in time I think it's simply fair to say that this series really isn't for me, it just doesn't work on any level and the suggestion that it'll be descending further into a harem show has pretty much sealed the deal for me. Thus, it's time to be a man, take that difficult decision, and officially pronounce the series dropped.

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Voodoomage said...

I sure do love me some harem shows... it's a keeper for me!