Saturday, 1 March 2008

True Tears - Original soundtrack

Given how much I've enjoyed True Tears thus far, it probably isn't much a of a surprise to anyone to see me jumping on the chance to grab the show's soundtrack at the first available opportunity.

In all honesty, outside of its place as incidental music within the series, a role in which it excels, this soundtrack from Kikuchi Hajime is largely a quite melancholy affair - certainly not something you'd want to listen to in an attempt to cheer yourself up (aside from the Noe-inspired tracks anyway), although anyone who has seen much of the show will probably already have figured that out. Without the benefit of the beautiful animation and powerful emotional scenes it normally accompanies, most of the tracks here are shorn of much of their impact, leaving most of the tracks on show as pretty vignettes without much real backbone.

One thing that has surprised me during the run of this anime so far is just how much both the beginning and ending title tracks have grown on me - Naturally, both of them appear here, although sadly only in their shortened 'TV' form rather than in their full glory, so you'll have to fish out the two singles to really get the most out of them. In particular, the track which accompanies the show's closing credits, Aira Yuki's Sekai no Namida, is probably one of (if not the) best track of this season's shows for me, although it did take a while to ingrain itself in my brain.

In all then, I can't see myself revisiting this soundtrack very often at all - It's no classic, but it does satiate the True Tears completist in me.

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