Thursday, 20 March 2008

Shigofumi - Episode 11

With episode ten of Shigofumi leaving us with the 'real' Fumika awakening from her coma, it was pretty obvious that this week's instalment would deal with what followed from that major change as well as moving towards a resolution of the whole 'Fumi'/'Mika' split personality issue.

To be fair, after having found myself rather disinteresting in much of the storyline surrounding Fumika herself, this episode was handled rather well, and ended in a way that leaves everything well and truly up in the air regarding what lies ahead for Fumika's Shigofumi alter-ego, and perhaps the 'true' Fumika in the bargain. While much of the way the episode progressed was really quite obvious, it still managed to remain well paced and actually quite gripping in places, in a way that the whole Fumika back story hasn't particularly succeeded with up until now.

Now that I'm resigned to the fact that Shigofumi will never recapture the glory of those first two episodes, and that it has by its very nature been a hit-and-miss series, my expectations are far more relaxed as we move towards the show's close. While this week's episode was a solid and decently realised one, I still have to wonder whether they can close out the series in a satisfactory fashion, as what is now its major storyline still balances somewhat on a precipice between being smart and, frankly, a bit daft.

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