Monday, 31 March 2008

Ghost Hound - Episode 17

After episode sixteen of Ghost Hound finally started to help up piece together what's going on at Nippon Bio Tech amongst other questions, it seemed that the series was finally starting to shift through the gears towards revealing many of the mysteries surrounding the series.

At least, so I thought. However, episode seventeen returned to the same old slow-pace, dealing largely with Taro's suspicions that Miyako is his sister reincarnated, a possibility that the already fragile girl takes none too kindly too. That aside, we learn nothing new here really, and I have to confess that I'm finally beginning to feel frustrated with this series, which has so often teased that it's about to 'open the kimono' as it where, before withdrawing back into itself. While I'm still hopeful for some fascinating conclusions to the series, it seems likely that Ghost Hound will be drawn out for a fair bit longer before we start getting real answers to the big questions that have been posed.

Building up slowly to a climax is no bad thing, but Ghost Hound's pace is at risk of bordering on the lethargic.

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