Sunday, 30 March 2008

School Days OVA - Magical Heart Kokoro Chan

After the bloody and disturbing School Days, then the ridiculous Valentine Days OVA, what next for Makoto and company? If the title of this new OVA doesn't give it a way, yes, it's yet more nonsensical parody thinly dressed up to fit the School Days franchise.

Actually, did I say dressed? Hardly a fitting word, seeing as this particular OVA seems to have been an excuse to shoehorn as much fan service as humanly possible into a twenty-five minute space. Never mind the excruciatingly poor magical girl parody, this 'episode' is all about nudity and revealing costumes for the various female characters from the franchise. Even that might be vaguely acceptable if the animation wasn't so god-awful from beginning to end.

The only place Magical Heart Kokoro Chan manages to redeem itself even slightly are the very occasional in-jokes scattered throughout the OVA, including the appearance of... you guessed it... A boat. Called Nice Boat. It was obvious, and it was stupid, but it made me laugh, so I guess this wasn't a waste of twenty-five minutes of my life. No, I can say with absolutely certainty that it was only a waste of twenty-four minutes and thirty seconds of my life.

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