Monday, 3 March 2008

Ghost Hound - Episode 14

By now, I'm going into every episode of Ghost Hound not expecting anything much in the way of plot progression, but while episode fourteen hardly moved things on leaps and bounds it it did start to answer one or two questions about some of the series' goings-on. Of course, this was matched by at least as many fresh questions being posed, but once again I find myself more than happy to go with the flow and let everything unravel itself in its own good time.

Much of this particular episode of Ghost Hound was virtually a history lesson, taking in brief snippets of Japan's ancient history courtesy of its oldest surviving book (although there is some contention as to its origins), the Kojiki. Again, the team working on this series prove themselves to be fantastically well-read on every subject they choose to tackle, which goes a long way towards making this anime so engaging on an intellectual level as well as entertaining.

While the animation seems to be slipping a little, the quality of the storyline and research certainly isn't, which serves to keep me well and truly hooked to the development of the show. I still have no idea where things are going to go next, but surely much more will have to become clear in the coming episodes.

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