Thursday, 13 March 2008

Spice and Wolf - Episode 11

Well, thank goodness for that! After Lawrence managed to upset Horo terribly last episode, I feared that episode eleven of Spice and Wolf would find itself shorn of the usual rapport between the dynamic duo. But no, any anger and resentment was soon overcome, and we were back to our old ways of enjoying the strangely engaging relationship between merchant and cute wolf-girl.

Of course, making up their differences pales into comparison with Lawrence's wider problem of owing a lot of money which he simply can't find. Thus, we find him and Horo (who comes up with the idea, naturally) turn criminal masterminds and plotting a way out of their crisis.

Considering how we're running out of episodes, I'm really beginning to wonder how they're planning on closing everything out cleanly in the time remaining - Do I smell season two of Spice and Wolf in the offing? Although I find myself struggling to be really interested in the wheeling and dealing a lot of the time, I can happily live with it just to enjoy the many facets of Horo's personality. I've blathered on enough times about how she and Lawrence make for a perfect focus of the series, without any need for anything much else to happen at all, but I stand by that fact. Never mind the plot, this show continues to get full marks for its handling of the main pairing of characters.

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