Friday, 29 February 2008

Spice and Wolf - Episode 9

After last week's gently paced episode of Spice and Wolf, little really changes for the majority of episode nine of the series, with things continuing to be rather sedentary aside from some hint towards future perils for Lawrence in the not so far flung future.

Despite the introduction of Nora the shepherd girl, Horo still manages to steal the show despite having a few long periods of silence - Again, the characterisation of everyone's favourite wolf girl proffers a beautiful mix of emotions and reactions that sit somewhere between betraying her thoughts and feelings and masking them expertly. I have to be honest, I wasn't too taken with Horo in early episodes of this series, but I've now warmed to her hugely, warts and all.

Given the slow, luxurious pace of this episode there isn't a lot more to say beyond mentioning my enjoyment at once again getting to enjoy Lawrence and Horo's chit-chat and verbal sparring largely without interruption, although if you're after some more action-packed moments it certainly seems as though something is amiss in Rubinheigen. It's odd, I'm normally the first to complain if any show lumbers along with a slow plot, but in this case I'm beginning to revel in it, although it shall be interesting to see what transpires next.

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