Sunday, 16 March 2008

True Tears - Episode 11

Pure genius - That's almost all I can find to say about True Tears in general, but particularly this episode, which someone manages to top once again everything that has come before.

After episode ten left us with what could practically have been the series finale, things predictably got shaken up a little during the course of the episode, although the biggest shake of the bunch came (where else?) but right at the end.

After last week's episode began this process, all in all episode eleven seems to be one of continuing and more prominent realisations for most of the characters. Aiko realises that she still needs Miyokichi, as a friend at least, after jettisoning him last week, Hiromi realises that's she's hurt a lot of people and dragged them into the predicaments she's caused, and Shinichirō soon comes to understand that his promise to 'do everything right' last episode has turned out to be anything but correct. Then there's Noe, who finally loudly acknowledges what she's known for a while now. Indeed, the only one who still refuses to accept their true feelings seems to be Jun, who continues to pursue Hiromi under the auspices of their 'contract' without admitting that the real reason for doing just that is simply to try and rekindle Noe's happiness.

I know I just mentioned that this show is pure genius, but I can't help but say so again - True Tears is pure genius. After worrying that we may end up with a Hiromi/Shinichirō ending despite the former not being worthy of much respect a few episodes back, the storyline has progressed admirably in showing Hiromi owning up to her mistakes and taking a much more admirable course of actions despite her concerns and prejudice, even to the point of telling Shinichirō something that she was clearly conflicted over, fearing it may swing the balance of his feelings away from her. Again, this just goes to underline how spot on the characterisations in this series have been throughout, and when coupled with the largely luscious and emotionally descriptive animation then you're left with... you guessed it. Pure genius.

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