Thursday, 27 March 2008

Ghost Hound - Episode 16

After almost losing its way a little in the last episode, things get well and truly back on track in episode fifteen of Ghost Hound. The focus of this instalment is split between Makoto's attempts to deal with his family's past (in particular the death of his father and his mother abandoning him) on the one hand, and Masayuki's decision to take an out-of-body trip to Nippon Bio Tech on the other.

Overall, it's the latter of these two plotlines which fascinates the most, as we finally begin to understand just what kind of experimentation is going on there, although there is still clearly plenty yet to be revealed. Speaking of revelations, we also find out the real identity of 'Snark', who appeared in the Unseen World (or Abstract World, as he'd rather have it) in an earlier episode, who also manages to add quantum physics to the wide range of scientific and psychological subject matter covered by this series so far.

After having moved so slowly for such a long time, it appears that the revelations which tie everything in this show together are finally going to begin falling into place, and not a moment too soon - This series could only live so long on the odd snatch of horror and plenty of background research. While there's still plenty yet to be made known, things are suddenly get interesting, and promising to make the remaining episodes of Ghost Hound all the more fascinating provided it doesn't falter in its pacing again.

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