Saturday, 16 February 2013

Vividred Operation - Episode 6

It's time for the girls to enjoy a break from the norm as their school's summer camp rolls around - there's no rest for the wicked (and not-so wicked) however, as Doctor Isshiki decides that this is also the perfect opportunity to put the group's abilities and friendship to the test.

With their Ignition Keys handed over as soon as they reach the island that is the base for this summer camp, the girls are left without the ability to call upon the Vivid system if required, and once Isshiki captures Rei to use as bait for his plan, the game is afoot.  As sketchy as it looks, the group have no option but to fall straight into the trap presented them by the "Alone" (or rather, Alan) that has captured Rei, and head off into the hills to find her.

Its here that Isshiki has various obstacles laying in wait for the girls, all of which are mostly non-lethal once you look under the hood but at least pose enough of a threat to test the group - not that this exactly goes as planned as the girls go their separate ways, while Rei proves to be anything but a compliant a hostage.  It's enough to make Isshiki forget his original plan and go full-on mad scientist - a problem which can only be halted by Akane's swimsuit, it seems.

This week's episode of Vividred Operation makes no excuses of or apologies for, the fact that it's pure fluff that adds little to nothing to the show's wider narrative - luckily, it's just about enough fun to get away with the lack of real content as it makes the most of its free reign to throw dumb ideas into the episodes in a light-hearted and humorous way with just enough charm that I can forgive it its foibles.  Then again, the series is really at a point where it needs to start moving things forward substantially from this point forth, lest it risk becoming caught up too tightly in its own formula.

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