Thursday, 7 February 2013

Psycho-Pass - Episode 16

Shogo Makishima's goals have taken him to the heart of the Sibyl system, hidden from the general public though its true nature might be.  Can the trio of Tsunemori, Kagari and Kogami put a stop to his plan, whatever it might be?

Right off the bat, things are further complicated by the fact that Makishima and his accomplices have split up, with some taking to the roof of the building and its radar antenna, while the rest have set off for the basement.  With Kogami in particular given explicit instructions to capture and arrest Makishima alive, he sets off for the roof with Akane, leaving Kagari in charge of handling the basement, which proves to be far more expansive than even the building's public blueprints suggest.

Purely and simply, the majority of this episode is a straightforward race to catch up with and stop the main instigators of the chaos currently ensuing, with Kagari finding himself being tempted to join the "dark side" by Makishima's hacker accomplice, while the relationship between Kogami and Makishima himself is far more simpler.  While goings-on in the basement offer us a couple of twists and turns, at the top of the building it's left to Akane to choose between her emotions and her ethics with Makishima at her mercy.

In the grand scheme of things, and compared to much of its output thus far, this week's Psycho-Pass didn't really have anything in particular that it wanted to say, leaving the episode open to some simpler entertainment as we watched our "heroes" set forth on their mission to stop Makishima's plan.  In terms of this goal, the episode succeeded - the action was pretty slick for the most part, we got a real sense of the depth of Akane's character in terms of her drive and determination, and we also gained some glimpses into Kogami and Kagari's psyche and why they are considered to be "latent criminals".  Where the series goes from here I have no idea - with some big reveals made and others clearly around the corner though, I remain hooked in terms of following through with whatever Psycho-Pass has in store for us next.

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