Friday, 1 February 2013

Psycho-Pass - Episode 15

After a visceral demonstration of what can happy once you bypass the Sibyl system last week, you might be forgiven for thinking that Makishima had proved his point and will shift his attentions elsewhere.

Well, think again.  Come the start of episode fifteen of Psycho-Pass we find even more undesirables roaming the streets while sporting the helmets which allow them to effectively "hide" the hue of their Psycho-Pass, even while committing the most heinous of crimes.  As this ragtag and anarchic revolution grows, so the Internet spurs it onwards in a blur of urban myth, rumours, shocking video footage and (just occasionally) some elements of truth - its enough to send the normally law-abiding citizens of the city into a frenzy, and before we know it outbreaks of vigilante justice are being meted out against the helmet-wearing criminals... or anyone who looks like they might be "that sort of person".

After so long enjoying the fruits of the Sibyl system, law enforcement agencies are entirely ill-equipped to deal with riots and anarchy, but nonetheless it's up to the MWPSB to put a stop to the insanity infecting the streets, with little more than some EMP grenades and stun batons for protection.  Cleaning up the city seems like an almost impossible task, and every act that is carried out against the rioters and the like only serves to antagonise the situation further, but is this chaos even the real centrepiece of Makishima's goals.  Of course not - a man of his calibre has even more grandiose plans...

Once again, this week's episode of Psycho-Pass was a superb effort - both gripping and fascinating as it takes the system that it's positing from the very start to breaking point and beyond while making no shortage of obvious but nonetheless interesting points about the entire idea of a system that judges people before they've even committed an act to be judged upon.  There are plot holes for sure (last week the helmets "borrowed" the Psycho-Pass hue of a nearby person, yet even in the chaos of criminality that is a riot they still worked flawlessly), but in my eyes they can be forgiven for the fascinating qualities of the wider narrative as we look set to delve into the heart of the Sibyl system, both ethically and technologically.  Is this still my favourite currently airing series?  You bet it is.

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