Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tamako Market - Episode 6

With the heat of summer at its peak, things are quiet - too quiet - in the market district.  But fear not, for Tamako has an idea as to how to draw in the crowds... a haunted house!

Yes, I know that it doesn't really make any sense, but deal with it.  With the other occupants of the market caught up (as per usual) in Tamako's enthusiasm towards this project, they agree that it seems like a great idea and leave Tamako and her friends to create and market their masterpiece to the masses.  But is there a real curse which has struck the market?

The occupants certainly think so, and find themselves torn as to whether or not to tell Tamako as the "evidence" behind the curse amplifies - funnily enough, the hysteria amongst the shopkeepers seem only to be serving to bring more people to the haunted house once it finally opens.  It's almost as if the whole thing was some kind of smart viral marketing campaign...

As glad as I am that this week's episode at least ended with some progress as to Dera's task and background, with the news that he's about to receive a visitor, this was but a small consolation after around twenty minutes of dull, moronic slice of life gubbins that was as unfunny as it was tepidly boring.  This wasn't really helped by the fact that most of the episode was predicated upon everyone within the show being complete idiots, which was rather a stretch in itself to leave its "twist" to be utterly predictable.  While previous episodes of Tamako Market haven't exactly had me shouting from the rooftops, they were at least okay - in contrast, this week's instalment was really, genuinely bad.

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