Thursday, 28 February 2013

Psycho-Pass - Episode 19

Kogami has gone rogue in his pursuit of Makishima, turning his former colleagues at the MWPSB into enemies - can he beat them in the race to his target?

In spite of struggling with some Psycho-Pass related issues of his own, Ginoza is determined to ensure that his department are at the forefront of efforts to put a stop to both Makishima and Kogami and whatever they're planning, and his stress levels certainly aren't helped by the knowledge that those around him clearly had some involvement in Kogami's disappearance.

For Kogami's part, his major hurdle is figuring out exactly what Makishima plans to do next, something which he searches for outside help to comprehend.  Needless to say, this comes via psychologist and friend Professor Saiga, an individual who helps Kogami gain at least a little understanding of both Makishima's personality and where he has similarities to Kogami's own train of thought.  It's these elements, coupled with a pointer to an anonymous bulletin board, that lifts the lid on what might just be Makishima's plan to ensure that the Sibyl system is crushed in a matter of days.

Having misfired somewhat last week, this latest instalment of Psycho-Pass was a bit of a slow-burner which ultimately demands the swallowing of a rather tough to swallow in-series truth about Japan's food consumption and production, which feels a little too convenient for the wider story as a whole.  I suppose a sufficient suspension of disbelief is required to accept the Sibyl system itself, but somehow this feels dangerously close to being a bridge too far - perhaps it can be woven into the current narrative so as to make it more palatable, but we shall have to see, and I'm really hoping that this isn't the kind of late misstep that might serve to undermine everything that Psycho-Pass has done so well up to this point.

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