Sunday, 17 February 2013

Minami-ke Tadaima - Episode 7

The summer is oiver and much fun has been had throughout... so what are these lingering doubts being felt by the gang?

Whether it's wishing they'd been to the beach or not being able to enjoy a trip and overnight stay, it's clear that the summer hasn't quite managed to hit all of the key expectations required of it, but fear not for Kana has a plan - to make those dreams come true in the cheapest way possible.  Mind you, I'm not exactly sure that wearing a swimsuit around the house or having a sleepover is quite the same as a day at the beach or an overnight trip, and even an attempt to create an authentic "night away" feel by telling ghost stories doesn't exactly set the world alight.

Another late summer problem continues to be the heat, something which Kana is successfully combating... until someone reminds her that it's hot.  And she has a cavity, so she can't eat popsicles.  Despite having won a free popsicle or two.  Life can be hard in the world of Minami-ke... in fact, just ask "uncle" Takeru, whose paid leave spent staying in the Minami household sees him not only attacked by a mosquito (and Chiaki), but also made to fork out for Sushi for the younger Minami sisters and their circle of friends.

All of this equates to another episode that was closer to the "fun" than "funny" side of the Minami-ke spectrum - its tale of the Vacuum Cleaner of Terror tickled me, but that aside the episode was more one of gentle enjoyment and amusement rather than anything else.  I still continue to be a little irked by this series' sneaking of slices of fan service into the mix, which never fails to feel gratuitous, but thankfully it's never quite intrusive enough to entirely spoil the flow of a show that continues to roll along at its own sedate pace.

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