Thursday, 21 February 2013

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT - Episode 7

As we learned last week, Kobato's birthday is fast approaching, and there's nothing like some last minute shopping for presents when it comes to finding a suitable gift for our heterochromic little sister.

The trouble is, it seems that all the girls of the Neighbours Club have designs on shopping alone with Kodaka, so when he invites all of them along en masse none of them are particularly impressed, and it isn't too long before the catty behaviour starts.  Thankfully, fashion requirements see Rika and Yozora heading off in their own direction, leaving Sena and Kodaka alone to shop, buy saucepans (in Kodaka's case) and chat.

Once Kobato's birthday actually rolls around, a good time is had by all despite the groups uncertainty as to what makes a good birthday (and in spite of Sena's usual creepiness towards Kobato), and the good day is rounded off by a visit by Maria and Kate to the Hasegawa household.  It certainly seems as if Kodaka has managed to make himself rather popular amongst the ladies, but if Kate's comments are to be believed there's one particular lady who is the most obvious match for our protagonist.

For all of its moments of fan service and predictable stupidity, this was actually a pretty pleasant episode of Haganai - the easy relationship between Kodaka and Sena is actually pretty enjoyable to watch, and to be honest whenever Yozora is kept out of proceedings the whole thing seems to be far more fun outright.  It also seems as if (shock, horror) there's actually some romantic progression on the cards, although I fully expect any such developments to be short-lived or based around some kind of misunderstanding.  Still, a guy can dream, can't he?

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