Sunday, 10 February 2013

Minami-ke Tadaima - Episode 6

Kana seems to have created herself the perfect summer break schedule... at least, in her opinion, but Chiaki seems to have other ideas, most pressingly regarding the lack of any study time on that schedule.

Not that this stops Kana making the most of her summer - a visit to Riko's house might be off the cards, but visits to the swimming pool and beach are very much available to her.  Things aren't looking quite so good for Riko however, with a horoscope suggesting that she might drown - although with her lucky colour supposedly being blue, perhaps Fujioka can save her from her otherwise certain fate?  From here, discussion turns to the trials and tribulations of job interviews - a future problem that it seems that Kana is well and truly on top, thanks to her ability to act like a cute girl at the drop of a hat.

Next up, it's onwards to the beach, and it's Makoto who has some tough times to face - needless to say, wearing a girl's swimsuit is a tricky situation for him (especially once tan lines enter the equations), and his growing friendship with Chiaki also presents some longer term challenges.  Besides which, the presence of Haruka in a swimsuit offering to rub lotion on him is clearly the kind of thing that can break an impressionable young lad's brain...

As per last week's episode of Minami-ke Tadaima, this was by no means a classic instalment but it still proved to be just about fun enough to warrant its existence as it plays with its cast and their characteristics with a sense of easy-going enjoyment.  There remains a sense that this particular season of the show is a little more focused on fan service (a little too much so, perhaps) than previous instances of the franchise, but luckily even this doesn't detract too heavily from what is going on.  I suppose it goes to show that little can beat an episode of Minami-ke that features Hosaka, but you can't blame it for trying.

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