Tuesday, 11 September 2012

YuruYuri ♪♪ - Episode 11

With a new school year promising new members for the Amusement Club, it's time for a clean-up of the former Tea Club room they occupy.  Unsurprisingly, there's all kinds of old junk to be found within its previously unused closet.  More surprisingly, that list of junk includes... a time machine.

In the ensuing excitement and panic(triggered by the thought it could be one of Nishigaki's higly explosive inventions), Akari ends up triggering the machine, sending herself (and by proxy us) tumbling back in time to the beginning of the series.  With the strange machine no longer operational, it seems as if Akari is stuck in the past unless she can get the time machine fixed... so while she's there she might as well make the most of her journey, aiming to fix the misfortune which plagued her first week at middle school in the name of increasing her presence.

Of course, this being Akari, any such plans are well and truly thwarted at every turn, whether it's oversleeping when she should be helping her past self dress properly for school or misfiring when it comes to reminding herself to use a proper introduction in her new class.  With the help of her sister and Nishigaki to help her through the week and aid with her return to the present however, all's well that ends well as Akari gets to reflect of the importance on the memories that her middle school days have created; memories which might never have happened had Akari successfully altered the past.

Yes, my mind is probably as blown as yours by YuruYuri entering time travel territory (and with no time paradogs in sight), but despite reaching new heights of outlandishness this was a pretty entertaining episode that made far better use of Akari than has been typical of this second season of the show in particular.  It also once again managed to finish its tale in a decidedly touching and surprisingly moving fashion, something which this series has managed to do a couple of times now to prove that it's more than just a fluke - further evidence of how much this second season season of YuruYuri seems to have grown in confidence and stature since its stuttering initial episodes, that almost leaves me expecting to miss it once its final episode is done and dusted next week.

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