Monday, 3 September 2012

Rinne no Lagrange: Season 2 - Episode 9

It's Christmas!  Okay okay, as per usual it isn't actually Christmas, but it most certainly is the case in Kamogawa at the time of this latest episode of Rinne no Lagrange.

Understandably, Christmas is a busy time for Madoka and her Jersey Club buddies - particularly so this time around, as they also find themselves in charge of organising a leaving party for the soon to be departing Kirius and Array.  In the midst of all of this, Madoka is also under pressure to pin down her future career plans from her school teacher, which is a tough decision that she doesn't even seem to want to think about, and a choice likely to made tougher by Muginami and Lan's desires to return to their home planets upon graduation.

Madoka isn't the only one with problems by any stretch of the imagination however, as Asteria has a whole new kettle of fish to deal with now that Void has gone AWOL, having first stolen the tablet that is pivotal to preventing a future disaster befalling the Earth and beyond.  After admitting her true age and origins to her employees (as well as her real name of Maycun), our diminutive 20,000-something seeks both to find Moid and find out what he's up to - a mission which sees her becoming increasingly suspicious of Dizelmine, who also seems to have gone into hiding of sorts.  As this episode closes, these suspicions looks likely to be proved as entirely valid....

Much like last week's episode, this instalment of Rinne no Lagrange kept its powder well and truly dry in advance of its big, final revelation - not that it was quite as otherwise fluffy as its immediate predecessor mind you, via an episode which was blatant in its handling of the future of Madoka and those around her; a future that looks likely to be put on hold anyhow as the prospect of inter-galactic war rears its head again.  Finally, it appears as if we could be returning to some full-on mecha action... remember when Rinne no Lagrange had some of that?  Either way, it's time for the Vox to soar into action once again, so I'm rather looking forward to that change of pace given that this second season hasn't always been as sharp with its slice of life stuff.

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