Monday, 3 September 2012

Tari Tari - Episode 10

Having agreed to it as a desperate attempt to raise the money they need in advance of the White Festival, it's time for the Choir Club to put their backs into part-time work as "superheroes".

After a stuttering start underpinned by feelings of intense embarrassment, the gang soon warms to their task as "shopping mall heroes", with crowds gathering and interest growing thanks to their efforts to the point where they're asked to extent their appearances from a one weekend only affair to become a more permanent part of the area's publicity.  Although the group are relatively happy to accept this idea in the name of raising more funds, it seems that the school's vice principle is ready to step in and intervene once again... but can she really do anything about it having signed the rights to let them work a part-time job previously?

Of course, much of the vice principle's ire still stems from her past relationship with Wakana's dead mother - a still-burning flame that Wakana herself exploits as she talks to Naoko in the hope of finding some inspiration for her current song-writing task.  Surprisingly, Naoko actually provides some helpful advice that looks likely to set her former friend's daughter on the right track, although we're once again distracted by some promotional superhero work that virtually turns into the real thing thanks to a random bag-snatcher.  It's certainly a scenario that Wien seems to enjoy in a cathartic way, but with builders turning up outside the school there might just be bigger fish to be friend in the very near future...

Putting its deliberately cringe-worthy "singing superhero" shenanigans to one side (why have we not seen governments trying to employ the cheap crime-fighting technique of singing at offenders until they give in?), this was an okay episode that didn't really do much overall - aside from one flashback featuring Naoko and Wakana's mother, it was bereft of any of the real emotion or drama that have underpinned other recent episodes, and it was also a little too light on humour for my taste as well.  Thus, this time around we were left with a forgettable instalment that does little more than lead us into Tari Tari's closing episodes and whatever they might bring.

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