Saturday, 8 September 2012

Eureka Seven AO - Episode 19

Any kind of attack perceived to be against America isn't the smartest idea in the world, and after rescuing Ao from the clutches of Allied forces last week Generation Bleu find themselves firmly ensconced as public enemy number one in the minds of most.

Indeed, the situation with Ao is the final straw for the US, and before we know it Generation Bleu finds both their electricity and funding cut by their corporate overseers while also preparing some devastating weapons of their own should push come to shove and the Allies need to go head to head with their new enemy.  In the midst of all this, Truth is brewing up a storm at the worst possible time... a matter not helped by him seemingly learning the, well, truth about his origins.

It isn't just Truth who is involved in spilling such beans, as we finally start to get an idea about exactly who Elena is and the mysteries surrounding her past - there's little time to ruminate on this however as Truth runs amok in space, destroying scores of satellites in an attack that the US ascribe to Generation Bleu, in turn looking to attack their facility as events look likely to enter open warfare.  Truth himself also gets involved in this fray into the bargain, all while our IFO pilots are left exposed like sitting ducks with the Triton unable to take off while its crew look to "roll-back" AI Georg to a previous version after having been infected by contact with the captured Secret.  But are those Secrets the good guys or the baddie in this tale?  It's left to Ao and Fleur to discover this for themselves as everything else collapses around them...

To call this week's episode of Eureka Seven AO "busy" would be an understatement - it filled itself with so many important or simply engaging moments that watching it was a breathless experience without time to pause.  This episode also did a pretty good job of ratcheting up a feeling of helpless tension as Generation Bleu found itself cut off from those who might previously have looked to them for help, creating a feeling not entirely dissimilar from the first half of End of Evangelion.. only not as good, obviously.  Throw in some shocking pivotal moments, and you have yourself an episode that it's truly hard to tear yourself away from - Eureka Seven AO might still be a mess of ideas and plot points, but it can certainly be a gripping one when it wants to be.

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