Monday, 3 September 2012

YuruYuri ♪♪ - Episode 10

For this week's YuruYuri, we head off for a school trip to Kyoto (maybe that's why this week's Hyouka was off the mark if they let Kyoko work on it) - well, I say we, whereas in fact we as viewers spend much of our time with the juniors left behind in the wake of said trip.

The episode is bookended by what seem to be the new darlings of this series in terms of appearances, Sakurako and Himawari - at the start of the episode Sakurako insists upon going on a trip of their own, taking her friend on a meandering walk that ultimately sees them get lost in the woods (although if they were to venture a little further they'd find themselves anything but lost), before we close with Sakurako's elder sister watching the two girls do homework together and argue up a storm while recalling happier days when they seemed to be much better friends.

In between all of this, we do get some brief snippets of those who went on the school trip proving to be rather unimpressed by some of the local landmarks, while Chinatsu replaces her pining for the absent Yui by proving to be extremely, err, "accommodating" towards Akari.  Cue another creepy suggestion of rape on Chinatsu's part, a la season one.

Having enjoyed it spending time away from a lot of its main characters at times in recent episodes, oddly this latest instalment of YuruYuri actually felt weaker for the relative absence of some of the regulars - there was a distinct lack of laugh out loud moments, or anything that seemed particularly interesting or entertaining for that matter aside from a moment or two that made me smile.  Perhaps we're simply on the run down to the end of the series now, but half-decent production values aside this was a distinctly forgettable dose of sapphic comedy.

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