Monday, 10 September 2012

Rinne no Lagrange: Season 2 - Episode 10

Dizelmine seems to change his mind about things more often than most people change their socks - rather problematic when he also happens to be in charge of a powerful planet and all the resources that come with such a position.  Thus, we shift once again from happy-fun-time friendship to galactic war as we enter the end-game of Rinne no Lagrange.

With Le Garite and De Metrio seeking to tear chunks out of one another yet again - and right above the Earth's atmosphere to boot - there's a sense of chaos all around back on Earth.  Despite being on opposite ends of the current conflict, Lan and Muginami decide to set out together in their Vox to see what's going on, only to be joined (of course) by Madoka as they take to the skies.

So, just what is going on with Dizelmine?  In short, he seems to be playing exactly into Moid's hands by launching this attack although he doesn't seem to realise it, and as the episode progresses we get to the core of Dizelmine's problem as it relates directly to Villagiulio.  As the king's temper reaches its crescendo, it appears that he's about to unleash the same demon which say Earth destroyed by Maycun some 20,000 years previously.

For all of its impressive visuals towards the end of the episode and a suitably desperate, world-ending plot to bring this series towards its conclusion, I can't stop feeling that a lot of its elements have been diluted too much over the course of the series - Dizelmine's constant vacillations regarding De Metrio and Villagiulio have undermined him as a character, and his actions as being of sufficient substance to drive the plot, and even Lan and Muginami's awkward position is too well-worn at this point.  Still, all of the pieces are in place for what could be a fantastic finale to the series if they play it right, and if all else fails... well, the show's soundtrack is as tremendous as ever, right?

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