Sunday, 30 September 2012

Eureka Seven AO - Episode 22

Although Eureka Seven AO isn't coming to an end just yet (we have to wait until November for that, thus increasing my list of "shows that aren't quite finished yet"), it does at least have some twists and turns in store before it leaves us for a little while.

With Elena's problems resolved, all of our attention for this instalment turns towards Truth, and despite outing him as a Secret previously it seems that even that "diagnosis" is thrown into question - not surprising really, as he reaches new levels of destructive insanity which he happily aims at all and sundry with no clear motive for his actions.  Such is Truth's wrath that even Naru needs to intervene to save Ao, finally reuniting this pair... in terms of location at least, although it seems that there is something of a wedge between them emotionally thanks to the respective journeys upon which they've embarked since the start of the series.

Of course, none of this helps with the long-term goal of defeating Truth, which is where the Secrets step in; more specifically, the Secret's formerly captured spokesperson (spokesecret?) lends himself as part of a package of additions to Elena's IFO, as the remainder of Generation Bleu join forces with this entity to try and halt Truth's rampage of destruction as it threatens to kill all of those infected "Coral Carriers" which have been growing substantially in number.  But can their massed forces finally put a stop to Truth?  Judging by the ending credits to this episode, it may take the re-emergence of an old face from the past to help...

Having thoroughly enjoyed so much of Eureka Seven AO of late, I have to admit to being a bit disappointed by this episode - Truth's existence is probably one of the less interesting elements of the show, and he feels almost like an arbitrary villain at this point whose motives and origins seem suitably nebulous to fit around whatever the show requires him to be at that time.  With so many other fascinating questions and conflicts surrounding the series, I hope the show as a whole doesn't end simply chasing around a lunatic, as it feels like it could, and should, offer so much more.  Now we'll have to wait until November to see what the ultimate goals of this series are...

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