Thursday, 6 September 2012

Moyashimon Returns - Episode 10

It seemed a little like love was in the air as well as bacteria in last week's Moyashimon Returns, with Misato and Hasegawa seemingly getting on pretty swimmingly as they went on the run from Ryuuta and his cronies.

However, there is still a lot to be fixed before such things can even be considered, and not just for Haruka - French native Marie also needs to sit down for a serious chat with her own father.  This really comes to the fore as Sawaki notes that her father isn't, despite pretending to do so, even drinking alcohol - it seems that he's trying to run a vineyard without having so much as tasted alcohol.

As the episode progresses, it seems that it's up to Sawaki to save the day on a number of fronts thanks to his ability to communicate with bacteria.  For starters, he used this skill to leave a message for Marie regarding the problems building in their wine "cave" - a message which both gets their wine "brewing" and also does a notably job of loosening the wedge that has been developed between herself and her father.  Then there's Hasegawa, who returns to clear the air with Ryuuta only to have him collapse on her - luckily, Sawaki can figure out what's wrong by sight alone, which leaves this would-be couple to finally admit the true feelings about their current arrangement on both sides.

What this leaves us with is a surprisingly feel-good tale, as everything looks set to be resolved as happily as possible - it is perhaps a sign of how likeable most of its characters are when this is a thing of joy, while the use of Sawaki's ability as more than just an oddity is actually a welcome addition to a series in which its otherwise mostly felt secondary to the vagaries of the plot.  Of course, we still have one episode to go to wrap things up, meaning that this series isn't going to go everywhere we might otherwise have wanted it to, but it's still been an enjoyable ride for the most part, visit to Paris and all.

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