Monday, 30 July 2012

YuruYuri ♪♪ - Episode 5

It seems that Yui has been pressed into introducing this week's YuruYuri - an embarrassment for her, for sure, but then again she's featuring in YuruYuri so she should be used to feeling ashamed by now.

Anyhow, it's Summertime in this week's episode - how topical!  Of course, sudden heatwaves bring with them their own perils, such as realising that you have no batteries for your air conditioning remote, which is exactly the problem which strikes Kyoko.  So, off to the store to buy more batteries we go.... albeit via the homes of all of her friends first.  With completely the wrong batteries safely procured (insert incredibly sexist remark about women and technology here, because I'm certainly not going to), it seems like the perfect timing to arrange a trip to the pool the next day.

This particular trip doesn't work out too well for Akari - missing the train by a fraction of a second and left stranded on the platform while her friends leave without her, Akari has to make her own amusement until the next train arrives.  In her case, this involves talking to herself a lot and generally acting like a kid in a way which makes me wonder about her mental faculties.  Oh well... From here, a day off sick for Yui sees a surprisingly understanding turn from Kyoko (for the most part anyway), while Sakurako and Himawari spend some time together spying on Akari, possibly to help validate my suspicion that she's mentally deficient in some very important ways.

Despite being increasingly sure that Akari has some kind of special needs, this was another half-decent episode of YuruYuri - not constantly laugh out loud funny aside from Yui's video game-centric dreams, but entertaining and occasionally amusing to the point where (Akari becoming a little grating aside) it was easy-going and watchable.  Given that this is pretty much the best I can hope for from this series at this point, it does its job as an addition to the summer line-up that whiles away half an hour of the day - not the kind of thing I'll be shouting from the rooftops to see licensed, but something I don't mind kicking back to watch in streaming form.

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