Monday, 16 July 2012

Tari Tari - Episode 3

If it seemed like all is well after a successful recital in last week's episode of Tari Tari - think again.

Now that said big event is done and dusted, Miyamoto suddenly finds all of the members she coerced into joining the Choir Club leaving in droves, her brother included - a situation which sees the vice principle wasting no time in shutting the club down for having insufficient members.  The only saving grace here is that her club isn't the only one to kick the bucket, with Tanakawa's batminton... sorry, badmington... club also going the way of the dodo.

With both of these club leaders shorn of their purpose in after-school life, there's only one thing for it - an all or nothing badmington game, with the loser forced to join the winner's fledgling club.  Using the power of... well, cheating, Miyamoto and her two fellow remaining club members win the day, press-ganging Tanakawa and his new cohort Vienna into the new "mostly choir but occasionally badmington when Tanakawa needs to practice for the nationals" club.  Although the vengeful vice-principle is still determined to crush even this club, she's once again over-ruled by the principle himself as we learn a little more about why he considers Wakana to be so special.  It seems that he isn't the only one either, as she finds herself stalked by a burly Italian man with a pig.  You couldn't make it up...

Although this is probably the weakest episode of Tari Tari so far, and despite it continuing to have a plot that isn't going to set the world alight, this show still knows how to have fun with its characters and it's this which continues to make it pretty enjoyable to watch, albeit not mind-blowingly so.  I do worry a little that I don't care enough about Sakai's past, or the story regarding her mother, to really go the distance in terms of my enjoyment of the series, but I suppose only time will tell whether it can pull at my emotional heartstrings when push comes to shove.  For now though, I'm happy just giggling at the funny bits, and in that sense Tari Tari has been a source of easy-going amusement for me thus far.

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