Friday, 27 July 2012

Moyashimon Returns - Episode 4

It's crunch time for Sawaki in this week's Moyashimon Returns, as he finally mans up and tells Oikawa about his unique microbe-spotting ability.  Or is it actually crunch time at all?

Perhaps inevitably, Oikawa doesn't believe a word that Tadayasu is saying, and assumes that he's just spouting dumb nonsense in the hope of cheering her up from her current depression after the underground passageway was revealed to be nothing exciting.  With thoughts turning to the harvest festival, it seems that there's no escaping hard work for the students as they ponder setting up a stall for said festival - but who is going to take charge of it all?

The obvious answer to this would normally be Hasegawa, but following on from her earlier arranged marriage troubles it seems as if her father has run out of patience with her and, more or less, simply snatched her away from the university grounds before dumping her on a plane to take a trip with her boorish prospective husband.  It's left to a drunk (do I even need to mention that?) Mutou to deliver the bad news, comprising simply of Haruka's lab coat and a notice of withdrawal from her studies to Professor Itsuki, and although Oikawa soon learns about what's going on the other students are left in the dark at this point.

Having spent the last few weeks celebrating the return of Moyashimon and praising it highly from episode to episode, I have to confess - this week's instalment was pretty dull.  With its educational elements pretty severely restricted and Sawaki's confession turning into a briefly amusing moment that was ultimately a damp squib, there wasn't a whole lot to drive this episode as it spent more of its time setting up the question of what the group do about Haruka's disappearance from the scene.  Hopefully that thought will give plenty of room for manoeuvre as the show moves forward, but it doesn't really hide the fact that this week's episode was somewhat snooze-worthy.

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