Monday, 23 July 2012

YuruYuri ♪♪ - Episode 4

After a suitably spectacular introduction by Mecharin (who would probably be welcome as a regular character in this series), it's time for another episode of YuruYuri!

This time around, we find ourselves ensconced in the midst of spring, which seems to be causing some allergy problems, not least for Sugiura who seems to have it bad.  Indeed, such is her problem that not only does she run out of tissues (and we've all been there at some point in our lives), but she even considers the same drastic (and unfortunately topical) measures taken by science teacher Nishigaki.  The spring theme continues as we join the student council for a spot of spring cleaning, which ends up turning into Sugiura making a desperate attempt to keep some expensive pudding from the clutches of Sakurako, only to end up giving it away in a slightly more positive manner thanks to Kyouko.

Nishigaki returns later in the episode as an attempt to fix a broken clock turns into something far more grandiose, while said teacher also fills in some of her back story... well, she fills it in twice to be precise, but only once truthfully.  Finally, a rainy day after school sees the usual crew trying to pass the time until the rain passes over, while Yui also discusses what she should do in return for the hand-made Valentine's Day gift she received from Chinatsu.

After having some more positive things to say about YuruYuri last week, that sense that the series is warming up in comedy terms continues via another instalment that squeezed just about enough entertainment out of its varied subject matter to feel worthwhile.  Even then, this is still a close-run thing - when you finish an episode and start writing it up and struggle to remember what happened or why it was funny, you pretty much have a definition of a throw-away anime comedy, and that is basically what YuruYuri is, for better or worse.

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