Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tari Tari - Episode 4

After their audition for a place in the local "world music festival" ended up being hijacked as more of a full-on concert of sorts, all sorts of coincidences fall into place for Miyamoto and her gang.

For Miyamoto's own part, she discovers that the band which chimed in with an impromptu musical accompaniment to the audition are none other than the Condor Queen's - a band with a poor sense of punctuation but nonetheless a special place in Miyamoto's heart as she reveres them and their music.  Such is her love for the group that she wastes no time in offering them her own club's place in the music festival; indeed, she seems more than happy simply to drop everything she's doing in terms of club activities to spend time with the Condor Queen's, much to the chagrin of Sawa.

In the meantime, we find out that Wakana's "stalker" is also a member of the Condor Queen's, who has been following Wakana on account of her similarity to her mother, who worked with and wrote songs for the band in the past.  This ultimately leads to Wakana being given a letter written to the band by her mother around the time of her birth, which seems likely to reverberate through future episode of the series.  As or Miyamoto, she soon learns the errors of her selfish, starstruck ways, and with a little help from Wakana she finds her own path towards making the world music festival a success for her and her club, if only a minor one.

With much of its humour trimmed down this week to make way for building up other elements of its story and characters, this particular instalment of Tari Tari felt a little dry and dull to me - there was nothing to really grab my attention and for all of its fun moments I simply couldn't get engrossed in what was going on.  Sure, this episode looked as visually gorgeous as ever, but that doesn't really cut it for me, and without lots of laughs the show's plot really doesn't have what it takes to provide anything memorable at this point in time.

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