Monday, 9 July 2012

Hyouka - Episode 12

It feels like no time at all since I last watched an episode of Hyouka.  Oh, wait a sec, that's because it was only a couple of hours ago...

Regardless, it's finally culture festival time for the Classics Club (and, of course, the rest of their school) - and what a festival it looks set to be, as the gang arrive to a riot of colour and excited energy from every corner of the school.  Well, almost every corner - for once, the location of the Classic Club's room is a huge disadvantage, squirrelled away as it is, and to make things worse Mayaka has ordered 200 copies of the club's anthology rather than the thirty they originally planned to sell.

This clearly calls for a plan, and ultimately it's decided that the Classics Club need either a better location to sell from, or some way of hijacking other clubs and events to raise their profile.  With Chitanda taking it upon herself to do whatever's necessary to secure her club a better position, success seems assured.... except Eru is rather easily distracted when it comes to shiny, colourful or otherwise exciting things, leading to her being dragged off by all sorts of clubs and activities.  At least Houtarou is having fun, holding the fort in the club with virtually nothing at all to do.

With nary a mystery in sight, this nonetheless proved to be perhaps the most entertaining episode of Hyouka thus far - tired old culture festival episode it might be, but it really brought out the best in its characters (Mayaka aside, but there's clearly more to her part in this story here given her sullen and shy behaviour) and also managed to provide some great moments of humour in the midst of its spectacularly depicted festival.  This was good fun to watch, pure and simple, and although it may feel a little luxurious to drag this story arc over multiple episodes I'm all for more of the same next week.

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