Friday, 20 July 2012

Eureka Seven AO - Episode 14

In the midst of new opening and closing credits for this series, Naru seems to have discovered a new truth about the identity and origins of the Scub Coral.  Although is it the truth, the true truth, or Truth's truth?

While we're trying to wrap our heads around this, we return to the on-going chaos in Japanese waters as Truth tries to stop Eureka and Ao, while the emergence of a Scub Burst seems to give Eureka a perfect opportunity to escape... provided Truth will let her, of course.  It seems that he isn't Eureka's only enemy either, as Elena continues to behave downright bizarrely and even Nirvash itself goes berserk at a most inopportune time.  None of this is enough to prevent Eureka's escape however, albeit not before delivering one final shock for Ao - the baby she is heavily pregnant with is a girl.

Rather thrown by this revelation, Ao travels home to try and find out some more about his mother, indirectly finding out more about his errant father as a result.  This hunt for information is quickly superceded by news of Naru's whereabouts at a hospital on the island.  This isn't the Naru of old however - her perceived knowledge of the origin and true nature of the Scub Coral gives her a cool, detached confidence, and she seems far more willing to do Truth's bidding than stick around with Ao - an impression that comes to fruition as Naru leaves Ao in the dust as she takes on an IFO with a view towards her own ends.

Things certainly aren't getting any simpler within the world of Eureka Seven AO - although we're being treated to more and more information to build up a picture of that world in each episode, such is the sense of doubt in terms of who is telling the truth and who's got it right that it's genuinely difficult to build up a picture that you could even vaguely claim to be accurate.  It's this sense of the unknown, even at this stage in the series, that is actually working in the show's favour at this point, serving as it does as arguably the most compelling aspect of a series that seems to be more about the big picture than focusing too closely on any one individual, even in the case of Ao himself.  The only worry at the moment is that the series doesn't know how its going to resolve all the questions it's asking, but for the time being it feels quite confident in what it's trying to do, and with any luck that confidence will prove to be fully justified.

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