Friday, 13 July 2012

Eureka Seven AO - Episode 13

The end of last week's Eureka Seven AO really threw a cat amongst the pigeons... or should I say, a Gekko amongst the... err.... people.  Or something.

I suppose it was bound to happen given that her name is in the title, but Eureka has returned - and what's more, she's heavily pregnant.  But how exactly did she end up appearing from the midst of a mass of Scub Coral, and why?  Even Eureka's own knowledge of her current situation seems more than a little hazy - she isn't entirely sure that she's on the same planet as she came from, and although her story about how herself and Renton came to be caught up in the Scub Coral something isn't quite right.

Things only get more confusing once Generation Bleu arrive at the scene, managing to beat the Japanese and Okinawan forces who are more than a little interested in getting their hands on Eureka for themselves.  Although Ivica recognises Eureka as the woman who saved him some years ago, Eureka doesn't remember him, and he surmises that she must be from the past and that the child she carries is in fact Ao.  But what of Georg's data which suggests that Gecko is from the far-flung future?  And how about Elena's reactions to the appearance of Eureka throughout the episode?  And why am I asking so many questions in this 'blog entry?  All of these questions have to be shelved once Truth arrives on the scene, also hoping to take Eureka for himself.  With chaos ensuing Eureka sees no alternative but to save those around her and work to protect this planet - it seems like it'll need some protecting given her claim that the Secrets are friends, not foes.

As you might have noticed from the above, this week's Eureka Seven AO asks far more questions than it answers, and to be quite honest I'm more than okay with that - it finally feels as if we have more of a firm direction for the series at last, even if I can't even begin to contemplate what that direction will ultimately mean for either the plot or the show's characters.  The only thing really working against the show at this point is that it lacks the charm of the original - it fascinates me and occasionally drags an exclamation of some kind out of me, but I don't feel so utterly caught up in its world that I have to keep watching.  It could be this lack of charm which ultimately does for Eureka Seven AO, but in spite of this I can't pretend that it's been anything other than an intensely interesting ride of late.

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