Saturday, 22 October 2011

You and Me (Kimi to Boku) - Episode 3 (Dropped)

After her episode of bullying Shu last episode, it seems that Masaki is going to continue hanging around our group of friends from time to time as we reach this third instalment of Kimi to Boku - however, she isn't the only newcomer to the group.

This time around, the new addition to the ranks is Chizuru Tachibana - a transfer student returning after studying aboard.  No sooner has he taken his place in the class than he swears that he's met and hung out with Yuki before during his childhood - something which Yuki himself simply can't remember, causing him to be more than a little frustrated as Chizuru insists upon hanging around him at every given opportunity.

Of course, the question is raised as to whether Chizuru is simply mixing up Yuki and Yuta, although neither of them can remember this otherwise instantly recognisable blonde-haired kid - so is he completely mistaken or did he really play with one of the two twins as a kid?  Eventually, both brother's memories come flowing back, and we have ourselves another character in the show's roster.

Although Chizuru's introduction does shake things up a bit, it's a little like shaking a bag of uncooked rice - you've clearly done something, but it makes no real difference to the end product.  Kimi to Boku is by no means a bad series, and it's clearly set out its stall for what it wants to be - unfortunately that stall has proven to be entirely dull and uninteresting to me to the point where I simply can't justify spending any more time upon it.  With a main quartet of characters that I simply don't like very much, no additions to the line-up of individuals available to the series is really going to rescue this one for me or imbue it with the required dosage of comedy it needs, so onto the rather rare "dropped" list of mine it goes.

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