Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 3

Although most of the humans around her seem to have gotten used to Squid Girl, judging by this week's episode the same can't quite be said of individuals of the canine variety.

The real problems come courtesy of Sanae's dog Alex, who sports some rather vicious jealousy towards Squid Girl for taking away his master's attention.  Having decided that letting Squid Girl take Alex for a walk might ease their tense relationship, this pairing both learns a little about one another along the way - not that it does anything to ease Alex's jealousy.

Next up, Squid Girl happens across a group of kids performing calisthenics on the beach - a "ritual" which she finds fascinating and can't get out of her head, problematically so when she begins to ape those moves at work.  Even more dangerous is her attempts to join the children in their radio exercises the next day, as it seems that tentacles and vigorous head movements simply don't mix.

The episode closes with Squid Girl finding herself invited to become a lifeguard by Goro - a decent idea given her unique abilities, but one that she takes rather too seriously to the point of spoiling everybody's fun, even if she does still prove to be quite literally a life-saver when push comes to shove.

As episodes of Squid Girl go, this was yet another fun instalment, marked out by the absolutely hilarious scene where its titular character tries to join some kids in their exercise, which is the funniest thing I've seen in quite a while.  Add to that a few other laugh out loud moments and a general sheen of colourful animation and good entertainment, and it's no surprise that Squid Girl's fan base is growing, especially when Crunchyroll's subtitles continue to prove to be giggle-worthy in their own right, bad puns and all.

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