Monday, 3 October 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 2

Another week means another trio of Squid Girl adventures - the perfect antidote to a long day at work.

First up, this second instalment of the show's second season sees Squid Girl deciding that it's about time she attends elementary school, tagging along with Takeru to do so.  Once there, she soon realises that this is a ripe location for her to find minions for her invasion, and sure enough the kids in Takeru's class seem more than willing to help her clean the ocean of its human scum... that is, until Squid Girl gets distracted by a football game going on outside.  It doesn't take us long to realise that squids aren't best equipped for football, but just when it seems she's about to lose face up step some of her new-found classmates to save the day.

Next up, an attempt to attract more female customers to the restaurant sees Nagisa dressing as a man - something which she not only pulls off with aplomb, but she also finds that it helps her feel something other than abject terror when dealing with Squid Girl.  Add in a visiting Ayumi dressed as a decidedly dangerous looking maid and you have a recipe for success, no matter how short-lived before Squid Girl manages to miss the boat with her own slice of cosplay action.  Finally, a discussion about weight and weight loss allows us to find out just what the bracelets Squid Girl wears are for while also revealing that discussing weight is very much a forbidden subject around Chizuru.

After a pretty fun episode to open the series, this second episode managed to add the two requisite extra letters required to make this instalment outright funny - it's second and third segments in particular contained a sprinkling of laugh out loud moments to complement the overall sense of larger than life fun enjoyed by the series.  It's colourful, imaginative and light-hearted entertainment at its best, and I can't help but lap it up, especially when it's matched by Crunchyroll's puntastic subtitle treatment which somehow never manages to get old.

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