Monday, 31 October 2011

Hidamari Sketch xSP - Episode 1

Asking me what I think about any episode of Hidamari Sketchis effectively a redundant question given my love for the series - thankfully the fact that I can't get enough of this show seems to continue to be well served, with two special episodes paving the way for a full-on fourth season next year.

As per series tradition (and after a wonderful set of opening titles), this additional episode is further split into two sub-stories.  The first of these sees the entire gang of six residents from Hidamari Apartments paying a visit to a museum/art gallery, where they try to wrap their heads around modern act and the meaning of various pieces while just hanging out and goofing off as usual.

While the second half of the episode sees Sae and Hiro having to attend classes, the other residents have some time to themselves, which sees them paying a visit to a local swimming pool - ostensibly to help Miyako practice for her part in a forthcoming school swimming meet, but it also gives Yuno in particular the chance to practice in the water in the hope of becoming less of a "hammer".  This she succeeds in with some minor degree of success, although the effort of doing so means that she doesn't get much of an opportunity to enjoy the subsequent pyjama party held by all the girls as she nods off pretty much as soon as it starts.

There really is absolutely nothing I can say about Hidamari Sketch that hasn't been said before, and as per usual this special is a blend of relaxing, satisfying slice of life fare sprinkled with a seasoning of laugh-out loud humour.  The only criticism you could perhaps have of this instalment is that it leaned a little too heavily on its CG and gimmicks from time to time, but even that can't really detract from the simple, undemanding happiness that can come from watching this series.  I genuinely can't think of a better way to relax after a hectic weekend in London.

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