Thursday, 20 October 2011

Working'!! - Episode 3

While Takanashi's youngest sister Nazuna begins working at Wagnaria as part of a work experience placement of sorts, our lover of all things small and cute must be wishing that his other siblings were just as... well.... normal.

As if Kozue insisting on visiting the restaurant to spill her latest tales of being dumped to anyone who'll listen while demanding alcohol that the place doesn't even have, Takanashi's real problem (although he may not completely realise it) is Izumi.  After seeing a mobile phone picture of Poplar and mistaking her for her brother's girlfriend, Izumi is thrown into a fit of worry about what he's doing going out with what seems to be such a young girl and, more importantly, fretting about who'll look after her once his attentions shift to his "girlfriend".

With this thought eating away at her, Inami goes on a "journey of discovery", which only takes her as far as Wagnaria before she becomes weighed down by some nearby cats.  Although a chat with Inami, who happens to be passing, makes her feel better, her continuing misunderstandings about her brother's relationship status soon brings her back to her so-called slump.  As for Nazuna on the other hand, she continues to breeze through her working life, even when it comes to dealing with the troublesome Yamada.

Overall, there weren't as many laughs on show this week as in Working'!!'s previous instalment, but I did giggle once or twice and there are enough lovable characters to carry the show through even when not much is going on and the skits aren't setting the world alight with their comedy.  Much like Squid Girl this season, even in its lulls (that's lulls, not lulz) there's a sense of fun that pervades proceedings and makes it enjoyable to watch even at its weakest points; something too often overlooked by other anime comedy series.

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