Saturday, 22 October 2011

Working'!! - Episode 4

What a tangled web Working manages to weave within its restaurant setting, and this fourth episode of its second season certainly does little but make this proverbial web even more complicated.

Starting out with what one would imagine is quite a regular occurrence, that being Kyoko eating all of the cream in the restaurant, turns into a trip to buy some more which leads to a a meeting with a woman named Haruna; a housewife who has somehow managed to end up hopelessly lost after going out to buy milk.  Sounds a lot like Otoo's missing wife, doesn't it?

However, it seems that the only person to realise this potential connection is Yachiyo, although the distraction that it Kyoko's bosom prevents her from saying anything - a decision which leads to much guilt on her part, and reverberates around the entire cast.  Starting out with Sato's own concern, before we know it Inami, Poplar and then Takanashi end up involved as we see some accidental progress in a handful of the show's relationships before Otoo returns briefly before setting off to find his wife once again.

Overall, this is possibly the funniest episode of Working that I can ever remember watching - it's first half in particular was an almost non-stop serving of bizarre and laugh out loud humour which featured lots of great dialogue while also making the most of its characters.  This series is always fun, but for once this episode transcended that into a protracted period of outright hilarity that I just couldn't stop laughing at - it's a rich vein of form that I'd love to see carried over into future episodes, that's for sure.

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