Monday, 17 October 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 4

Language barriers can be a pesky thing, can't they?  This is exactly the problem that faces Takeru when he runs into an American tourist looking for directions only to find that he didn't understand a word of what he was saying.  There's only one thing for it - it's time to learn English!

Upon hearing of Takeru's request to learn to speak English, Squid Girl decides that she wants in on this opportunity too, although cynics could point out that she hasn't entirely mastered the Japanese language just yet. That said, our favourite invader from the sea picks up English pretty quickly... as does Takeru... and, well, pretty much everyone except Eiko under the tutelage of Cyndi.  Cue lots of language barrier-based jokes, as the normally perfect Japanese speaker Cyndi suddenly mistakes everything Eiko says as being English in suitably humour fashion.

For the second segment of this week's episode, Squid Girl learns what tickling is all about - a subject I'm amazed that Strike Witches never broached, now I think about it.  Anyhow, suitably impressed by its powers, Squid Girl goes on a tickling frenzy, only to meet her match in Chizuru who tickles her so much that she gets hiccups.  But how do you cure a squid of hiccups?  Finally, a trip down by the river with Takeru and friends sees Squid Girl learn how to make a bamboo boat to race against her buddies - of course, given her track record as a bad loser the others are none too keen to see her defeated, allowing her boat to travel rather further than expected as a result.  All you need to know about this final chunk of the episode however is that it features the brief return of mini-Squid Girl.  Oh, and John Lennon.

Yet again, we have ourselves another immensely fun episode of Squid Girl - its English-speaking section was surprisingly proficient and actually really funny in places if you can suspend disbelief at Cyndi's sudden descent into stupidity, while the whole tickling idea was daft but silly fun, as was the bamboo boat sketch which was perhaps rescued from being slightly dull by the appearance of mini-Squid Girl and a beach-side John Lennon tribute cafe - the kind of moment of surreal madness which makes this series so damn lovable.

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